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Mon May 28, 2007 11:16 am

Game will ship with:
Confirmed that it will be on a DVD (CD-Roms not confirmed yet)
Multicore CPU support
Will run with Vista
Widescreen support
Ranked and unranked server ability
Ingame demo recording
VoIP will be included in game
World builder will be released after launch as an SDK

FAQ In-game:
GDF and Strogg can not drive one another’s vehicles
Maps will have chained events so you cant take a flying apparatus and finish the map early
Deployables don't get destroyed when you're killed, only when you change class (or someone else is unkind and shoots it/blows it up).
You can't shoot off the Tormentor's repulsor arrays in the same way you can shoot wheels off GDF vehicles.
Map objectives can not be retaken, Forward spawn points can.
There will be melee weapons but no punching or kicking
Air units will be able to fire counter measures to avoid rockets
vehicles have a first and theird person view
Punkbuster is the anti cheat client

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