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Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:12 pm

Request #892723

Sat, Mar 11 2017 2:59pm
Having some major site slowness issues. Its been going on since yesterday on and off. No changes to my phpbb site in anyway. It seems to be network related which friends dispersed around the states are all having the same issue.

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:00pm
YBLaW - Index page

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:04pm - answered by Bill
Sorry to hear that! Are you utilizing any external resources in your site? Does a non-dynamic simple test page load normally for you?

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:02pm
err_empty_response for a few seconds then it pulls the page. http error when trying to upload a 138k png. I got a 66k image up but that took 20 seconds too.

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:06pm
I dont know if a non-dynamic page loads, I have only used phpbb and this issue only just started. Ive had this site since 2005, this is the first time Ive seen this problem.

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:10pm - answered by TimeX
It would be worth testing to see if it also loads slowly during the same times, as that would determine if the slowness is more software/script based or from another source.

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:12pm
Do you see any network load or CPU load on my node, my VM or my database?

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:13pm
Also, there is no other software running on my server, simply my site which pulls the data from its database, same as it has for 12 years.

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:18pm - answered by Charlie
It appears that the VDS hosting your site is responding quite slowly. Our CEO is investigating now to determine the root cause for these issues.

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:20pm
Ok, makes sense. Thanks

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:21pm - answered by Juski
Not a problem at all.

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:28pm
What ever was done it seems fixed. Thanks

Sat, Mar 11 2017 3:28pm - answered by Charlie
You're welcome. Please feel free to report back if you run into any other issues.

Mon, Mar 13 2017 2:14pm
Its good, please close. Thank you

Mon, Mar 13 2017 2:16pm - answered by Charlie
I'll close this out for now, but please feel free to contact us again with any more questions or concerns.

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:32pm
Might be experiencing the same issue with the VDS.

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:36pm - answered by TimeX
What exactly do you see happening?

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:37pm
This site can’t be reached

YBLaW - Index page took too long to respond.

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:40pm - answered by Bill
It seems to be loading fine for me, but there have been some odd reports about the machine. John is in the middle of tinkering with it now however, so he should find anything going wrong.

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:41pm
its fine now, must have been a temporary issue. You can close this I will open if there is another problem.

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:41pm - answered by Juski
I'll go ahead and close out this request for now, but if there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know!

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:47pm
No its still running slow, can you see if the VDS is running slow again?

Wed, Mar 15 2017 4:50pm - answered by Bill
John is still looking at the machine.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:28am
The problem is still occurring. It comes and goes. Right now it has come. I cannot FTP to it at this time either, besides the normal web traffic that is stopped.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:30am - answered by Juski
There appears to be yet another issue with the host machine, I have yet again alerted our CEO.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:31am
Ok, ask him if we can just move my stuff to a new machine.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:33am - answered by Juski
I will.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:36am
What I mean, FYI, is he can approve my entire VDS to be moved to a different host machine. I think I'd have to change my DNS (?) but besides that, what are the consequences if any.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:37am - answered by Juski
I do not see you renting a VDS at this time, just website servers & game servers. Am I missing something?

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:39am
I am referring to my how ever my webserver, Teamspeak and db are setup. I don't know what terminology you use to describe that.

If my stuff is moved to a new location in the data center, what are the ramifications of that action. Sorry for the confusion.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:40am
Also, the only issues I am having are with beerspeak. The gameserver is Conan hosted at another location.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:41am - answered by Juski
All website hosting is in Seattle, so that wouldn't change. But for the voice & game servers there wouldn't be any negative impact to your data, but your server's IP addresses would change (as the IPs are tied to the location, not the server).

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:43am
Oh, I thought my web hosting was in Los Angeles. No worries, if we can eliminate this issue by moving it where there is no issues, I can update my DNS to point to the new IPs.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:44am - answered by Juski
I have mentioned that you and a couple other customers, who have experienced this issue a number of times now, to be moved from the host server. Hopefully either that will happen or this will actually get fixed.

Fri, Mar 17 2017 9:45am
Thanks, I'll be standing by for the resolution.

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Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:24 am

Thanks beer

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